2007 Toyota Camry: The Perfect One for a Leader

The Toyota has a surprise for the Camry which is to be released at the stores this summer as a new model for 2007 with the hybrid engine and a complete redesign. The Camry which is portrayed as the Americas fastest selling cars is to be again re-engineered and overhauled. So the following are the changes that are to be incorporated in the new version. None among us can define the Camry as a knock out when the style factor is considered. Despite the Camry’s ambler look, it has managed to yield good reputation on the quality and price and still is in the venture of introducing the best seller. Yet, the critics have commented on its looks and now it is going to change all their opinions. Getting some ideas from the Toyota’s Lexus types of luxury cars, the new model Camry is about to entertain the critics and the motorists. To witness this fact, one can recollect the Toyota Avalon which was once criticized, was later praised when it was transformed into the luxurious Sedan. Toyota is on a quest for hybrid cars and so it is, subsequently will incorporate the hybrid technology even in the Camry. Like the other versions of the Camry, the hybrid one will also be manufactured in US, creating the atmosphere that a hybrid product is not a Japanese make. But the battery is a Japanese make and the engine is Kentucky make. Next to the Highlander and the Prius, the Camry is the third model to follow the hybrid technology. The new Camry model will retain its same size with four and six engine cylinders, but the engine will be remodeled to increase the horse power giving good fuel efficiency. The main competitor for Camry is Honda’s Accord. With the introduction of the hybrid technology and the all new grand appearance, it gains a hold and a “top seller” name. Nobody can guess whether the hybrid technology idea will pay off or will prove to be a failing one. With the rising gas prices and governments available credits, the hybrid technology products seem to gain momentum among the Americans. Therefore the Toyota continues to benefit from this trend and the new model Camry which is the most recent vehicle in Toyota’s arena is about to taste the fruit of success with the hybrid technology.