In iOS, the Control Center can be used to take photos quickly, take notes, turn on the flashlight, control Apple TV, and much more. Control Center is useful and convenient because you don’t even need to unlock your iPhone or iPad to get still the features you need.
However, such convenience leads to a potential security issue. For example, if you use Control Center to create Instant Notes, you might not want anyone to be able to access them just by lifting your device and swiping on the lock screen.
If you’re worried about such a possibility, then,  fortunately, there’s an option in iOS 13 and above, which allows you to disable access to Control Center from the lock screen. Show this option hid in the device’s settings. Here is how to find it.
1. Launch the Settings application on an ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌.
2. Click Face ID and Passcode (or Touch ID and Passcode ).3. Enter your password if prompted.4. Scroll down and turn off the switch next to Control Center.

Turn off the switch next to Control Center

The right balance between convenience and security is something that depends on the individual. The disabling Control Center on the lock screen is no longer a problem now, as most iPhones all have Face ID, which makes it easy to unlock the device just by lifting the phone.

I hope you are successful.


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