Personalizing mobile devices is the first thing to do after you own a smartphone. However, with the first iOS device, it is quite difficult to do this, especially the very limited custom settings on the desktop, lock screen on the iPhone.

However, if you are using a jailbroken device, it will be very easy to make your own tweaks. You can set a dynamic lock screen, create a background image for each page displayed separately, you can change the wallpaper automatically and so much more. So how to do?

It’s great that has kept a list of tricks with jailbroken iPhone screens, and will give you some tips right now! Let’s follow this article!

Tips for jailbroken iPhone screen

1.Instructions to install animated iPhone wallpapers

Setting a live wallpaper for iPhone is not a problem when it already has the live wallpaper album. However, users will only be able to get wallpapers available. If your iPhone device has been jailbroken, you can install GIFLock tweak. GIFLock Tweak allows users to set animations as device lock screen wallpapers.

  • Apply: jailbroken iOS device.
  • Use GIFLock tweak.

Step 1: Users visit the link below to install GIFLock tweak on iPhone.

Step 2: Next, the user loads the animation on other websites. Click on Settings and select the GIFLock tweak. In the interface of the tweak, you activate two options: Enable and Stretch Image.

You can choose the background for the picture from the Background Color section. Click Choose GIF to select the animation you want to set as a lock screen.

Instead of using the built-in animations of iPhone / iPad, with GIFLock tweak, users can freely select animations that you download from many websites. Of course, we do not need to click on the image to move like a Live Photo.

2.How to create iPhone wallpaper for each page separately

On the iPhone, the device will default to the wallpaper displayed on all screen pages on the device. Many people who feel bored with this type of wallpaper can use Panorama or many different wallpapers for each screen page on the iPhone.

  • Apply: jailbroken iOS 10 devices and onward
  • Use Panorama Papers tweak

Step 1: Currently, Panorama Papers tweak is free for downloading from BigBoss source on Cydia. We open Cydia and click on the Search tab, enter the keyword “Panorama Papers” and click Settings to install the tweak.

Or you can access the direct link below.

Step 2: After the installation is completed, click on Settings and select Panorama Papers tweak to customize. Next you need to enable the tweak by flicking the bar to the right at Enabled.

Then click on Select Image 1 to select the first image you want to set as a wallpaper.

Step 3: Display the album interface on the device. Click on the wallpaper you want to use on your iPhone and you will receive a notification of successfully setting the wallpaper as below.

You continue selecting the wallpaper for the next screen. You can use up to 7 wallpapers to set for the device.

Step 4: To see how the wallpapers are displayed on your iPhone, you click Preview Image. If you want to delete the wallpaper, click Delete Image.

You can choose many different backgrounds or if you just want to display one picture, you need to choose a large Panorama image to avoid breaking the image, and choose to set the image only for the first option.

 Step 5: Finally, click Respring to apply the wallpaper on the device.

The final result when moving to different screens on the iPhone is that users will see each mixed wallpaper that you have installed.

3.How to manually change the background image every day on iPhone

If the iPhone is using jailbroken iOS 11, you can change the iPhone wallpaper every day, by setting BingDaily tweak to change the wallpaper through the Bing service. The wallpaper will follow the different themes and automatically change with the day, no wallpaper overlaps any wallpaper

  • Apply: iOS 11 and onward devices jailbroken with Electra
  • Use BingDaily tweak

 Step 1: Go to Cydia, switch to the repo tab and add the source Then you wait for Cydia to update the list of tweaks.

 Step 2: Next, users click on Search tab and look for tweak BingDaily, then proceed to install on the device, click Restart Springboard.

Then users go to Settings, select tweak BingDaily and turn on Enabled to enable BingDaily. In the Options section there will be options as shown below.

  • Both / Home Screen / Lock Screen: Set the wallpaper for the home screen, lock screen, or both.
  • Save to Photos: If this option is enabled, the wallpaper will be set each day and the old image will still be in the Camera Roll. If you do not turn on the new image will replace the old image, saving space.
  • Random Wallpaper: Change the random wallpaper within 8 days.
  • Notification: Add information about photos.

The Blur section will blur the image according to the custom. You also have options to dim only the background image of the home screen or lock screen

Step 3: After the setup is complete, we scroll down and click on Respring. The Manual Update section is for manual installation, but you should use the above settings.

With the Bing service, the iPhone wallpaper becomes unique with various themes that change every day. We can customize the opacity of the main wallpaper on the device or dim the lock screen, according to different levels.

4. How to change iPhone wallpaper automatically when screen rotation


This tweak will automatically change the iPhone wallpaper as we rotate the screen. When you pan vertically or horizontally rotate the screen, the wallpaper will automatically adjust accordingly. This wallpaper folder we will use is available on the device, or use images from the photo and video applications installed on iPhone / iPad

  • Apply: jailbroken iOS 9 and onward devices
  • Use the Rotatewall tweak

Step 1: Currently, Rotatewall tweak has been downloaded for free from BigBoss compatible with jailbroken iOS 9 and onward. We just need to click on Search and enter the keyword Rotatewall to search and proceed with tweak settings.

Step 2: After installing the tweak, users access to Settings and select tweak Rotatewall. Start the tweak by flicking the horizontal bar at Enabled to the right.

Next in the Album of different oritations section, you select the background photo album for the Landscape display type (horizontal) and Portrait (vertical). In each display type, there will be photo albums on the device, or albums from the application installed on the device.

Click on the album you want to use wallpaper. It is noted that the user should choose 2 different albums for 2 types of display. This will avoid the situation of broken images, blurring when rotating the machine horizontally or vertically. The images in each album will display good quality and be compatible with each screen display dimension.

Finally click Respring to make the changes applied.

Now, when you leave the iPhone screen vertical there will be a different wallpaper.

When changing to a horizontal screen iPhone will change to another wallpaper. The wallpaper will be changed according to the photo album that the user has chosen.

5. How to change the iPhone wallpaper itself over time

The tweak allows users to set the iPhone wallpaper to change automatically according to the preset time. Especially the number of images to use as iPhone wallpaper will not be limited. Users can freely select any image in the album on the device to set as wallpaper or lock screen. You will set the time to change the wallpaper automatically will be set by you on the tweak.

  • Apply: jailbroken iOS device.
  • Use AutoWall tweak.

Step 1: Users can install AutoWall tweaks from the JulioVerne store in Cydia. Or you can also visit the link below.

Step 2: After the tweak installation is complete, the user open Settings and select the AutoWall tweak to proceed with the settings for the tweak. In the first interface the user will see the option to enable or disable the tweak at Enabled section. Under the Manage Wallpapers section, you can choose a wallpaper that automatically changes over time.

Click the plus icon in the upper right corner to select the image you want to be the wallpaper from the collection album.

Step 3: After selecting the image, it will display the interface to select the time you want to change the wallpaper automatically. Here we can choose the time to change and apply on the main screen or lock screen. The images automatically changing wallpaper will display into a list with specific time settings.

Continue doing this with other background images that you want to change over time on your iPhone automatically.

We will have the screen image on the iPhone automatically changed in real-time as below.

The settings will be activated automatically without us having to respring the device like other tweaks. When the scheduled time comes, the iPhone’s wallpaper automatically changes. You should choose a large background image and quality image to set as wallpaper.

Wish you successful implementation!


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