As far as budget pre-paid smartphones are concerned, the Huawei Ascend Android smartphone isn’t all that bad, but it is far from perfect and following are several features that are seriously holding the Huawei Ascend back.

Slow Networking Speed

One of the main complaints of the otherwise great Huawei Ascend Android smartphone is its slow networking speed. The networking speed of the Huawei Ascend will depend on the pre-paid phone provider that you side with, but being that Cricket Wireless is the largest distributor of this phone, it’s safe to say that most people using this smartphone will have an issue with the slow networking speed of the Huawei Ascend.

Battery Life

Most smartphones could stand to use a boost in battery life, but with lots of modern smartphones boasting 10+ hours of battery life, it’s safe to say that the 5 hours max talk time of the Huawei Ascend will leave lots of consumers underwhelmed. Although the Huawei Ascend has lots of great features, its limited battery life is a major setback for this Android smartphone.

Touchscreen Response

At first glimpse, the 3.5 inch LCD display of the Huawei Ascend seems like the average modern day smartphone ‘” one that won’t likely cause issues ‘” but in practice, the touchscreen of the Huawei Ascend can be a nightmare and has given lots of users headaches. The touchscreen display of this smartphone is notorious for locking up, freezing momentarily, lagging and sometimes rebooting ‘” and to make matters worse, there are no touchscreen recalibration options for this phone.


The camera of the Huawei Ascend won’t likely replace your “old trusty” digital camera that you’re likely tired of carrying alongside your smartphone. Huawei Ascend features a low quality 3 megapixel camera that lacks autofocus and flash, and doesn’t compete well against other smartphones on the market that can boast as high as 12 megapixels and capture full 1080p HD videos.

Permanent Bloatware

Bloatware or unneeded but preinstalled software can cause issues on virtually any smartphone that has bloatware installed on them, but the issue of preinstalled software is only made worse when it can’t be removed. The permanent bloatware installed on the Huawei Ascend aren’t that useful and will always clutter your home screen and storage space for as long as you own this smartphone.


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