We have talked about some of the ways to make money online. We have talked about ways to save some of the money you make online. We have talked about using your money to make more money. For instance, instead of buying a used car at a dealership, look for a private sale to avoid the middle man, and the payment that comes with it.
you can then drive the car while you have it listed for sale at a few hundred more than you paid for it. Even if you pay $1000 for the car, and sell it for $1200, you have made a small profit. This is one example of making your money work for you.
You can do this a few times, and before you know it, you will be driving a much nicer car without having added the expense of the payment to your budget. There are other examples of making your money work for you that can be done without the use of a computer.
One example of this, is shopping at thrift stores, where you can find all kinds of stuff, cheap. Women are especially good at seeking out good things, at the best price in these stores. I know this because I have been run over buy a few of them in these stores.
Which brings me to my next point, wear a helmet! No, just kidding, it’s not that bad. Prior to buying anything, research your area to find some consignment shops. These shops are everywhere, and are a great place to re sell some of the things you have bought. One of the things that sells best, is clothes. Clothing to me, is very boring. However, clothing sells very well because we all need it.
If you have an eye for name brands, you will do really well. If you not too hip on all of the name brands, it is very easy to research and find out. We all know at least one person who spends a ton of money on clothing to get tips from.
A great source of finding out what’s hot and trendy, is kids. The kids are always on top of this stuff, and very happy to talk to you about it, show off their knowledge. Try to avoid very high priced items. These items are harder to sell in a tough economy, where everyone is looking for a deal.
You may be surprised to see that you can make more money selling items that cost $5 rather than those that cost $100. Try looking for the outlets in your area to re sell your stuff, then look around to see what they are selling, and for how much. Then your ready to start buying stuff to re sell for profit. As with anything, research is the key to success.


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