You may know you can have an energy audit done for your home to see where you are losing money but did you know you can have the same thing done for your website? Using Internet technology to promote your business and sell products is one of the most effective methods of advertising, but like those leaky windows in your house, if you marketing dollars are escaping with results you are wasting your time.
Spending money on website with spectacular design and visibility in the search engines is great, but are you getting the “conversions” to drive your sales? A conversion happens when a visitor on your site does what you want them to do. For most businesses, this means the person that landed on your page somehow takes an action that places them in your sales funnel. It includes thing like sending an email inquiry, making a phone call to your business, filling out a survey or application, signing up to be on your mailing list, registering for an event or making a purchase through your shopping cart.
When you initially design your website you have to determine the actions you want your visitors to take and plan for this in the site’s layout. If you have done this but you are not getting the performance you need out of it, you need to take a good look at what’s going on behind the scenes.
You can use a free program like Google Analytics to get reports telling you how many people are landing on your website and where the go from there. You obtain data that tells you where they entered and exited your site. This is quite helpful to know, but may not be enough, especially if you depend on ecommerce for a major percentage of sales.
Companies like Clicktale and Crazy Egg use technology that tracks the movement of a visitor on your website, showing a map of their activities on each page they view. It gives you an image resembling a heat map that shows where they allowed their mouse to hover and were they clicked on something. Knowing the points on your website where people are focusing their attention tells you where to place your ads or other important information.
Don’t want to pay for the service? Labs Media offers OpenSource (free) software that gives a visual map of clicks, showing what is hot and what is not.
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