How To Become a Good Writer While in College

Students often ask me “what is the secret to becoming a masterful writer?”. Well, the truth about academic writing is that before you can be any good at it, you have to understand the basic formatting and structure that all academic articles follow. The best way to learn this, is by reading examples that have been written by your peers and studying the art. This is where some people get put off. “So there is no secret formula to acing a College writing assignment?” This is where they are mistaken. There actually happens to be a very fantastic fundamental way to do well on all of your college coursework. However, it isn’t easy and it requires a lot of hard work. Essentially, the way that you become a good writer in College is by studying the art of writing itself.

Reading is How You Become Good At Writing
Before you sign up for any tough College courses you really need to ask your self whether or not you are prepared to put in the effort that it takes to be successful. if you struggle with reading and writing academic material and are always looking for an easy solution then College may not be the right route for you. As an experienced academic writer who has graded hundreds of students papers, I say this with honesty. If you absolutely loathe reading and studying then you are going to struggle with the writing process as well. (Unless you take creative writing instead). Basically, the expectation for College students is that they learn by reading information and then regenerating the information that they have read in a critical writing assignment. They are graded based on their ability to communicate effectively the content that they have read. Once you understand this part of the academic writing process you will be able to successfully pass your classes by giving the instructors what they want to see; properly formatted, insightful arguments that communicate accurately research examples.

Next time you are hunched over your keyboard trying to figure out how to write your College paper remember this advice. If you can master the basic structure that all academic writing follows you can successfully pass any written assignment that is handed to you and become a better writer during your student years.

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