5 Best Android Apps For Making Free Calls

Are you tired of dishing out excess money to meet your mounting cell phone bills? If you are searching for an inexpensive or perhaps a free tool for calling your family and friends, you can install a VoIP app in your Android smartphone.

Fring for Android

With the free fring app installed in your Android smartphone, you can call any mobile or landline phone worldwide at a low rate. The call rates start from 1c per minute. Calls made through fring to any non-fring user costs 0.9c/min in USA. Calls to Canada, UK and India cost 0.7c/min, 1c/min and 1.2c/min respectively. And if you want to avoid even this cheap rate for calling your friends spread across the globe, you can ask you friends to install fring in their mobile devices. The integrated onscreen dialer helps you to dial the numbers with ease. Fring users need not bother about connection charges or connectivity constraints while communicating through this VoIP app.

You can enjoy unlimited live chat with other fring users without worrying about rising phone bill. Fring even supports Google Talk, MSN Messenger, ICQ and AIM. Fring users can even make free video calls. It even supports free group video calling. By automatically analyzing the quality of the video calls, and accordingly adjusting the video and audio quality to match the network connectivity of the user through the built-in Dynamic Video Quality (DVQ) technology, fring delivers stunning video and audio, which significantly enhances the quality of the video call. Fring supports VoIP, chat and group video calls over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G connectivity.

netTALK for Android

NetTALK is a new free calling app for Android devices. Currently this service is available only in USA and Canada. According to netTALK Inc. in the near future the VoIP app could be used for making cheap international calls. Calling through netTALK is perhaps the best way to avoid the high roaming fees charges by your cellular operator for calling home. It works on 3G and Wi-Fi.

To use this app, you must create a netTALK account. Users can enjoy free calls only for half an hour per call. The new VoIP app is awaiting several upgrades, which besides fixing the bugs will synchronize the netTALK DUO app installed in your PC to the Android phone app.

Skype for Android

Skype for Android supports free Skype-to-Skype calls. You can even call landline and mobile phones of non-Skype users in more than 30 countries at a cheap rate, which starts at 2.3c/min. To make unlimited calls through Skype you can opt for a monthly subscription plan that starts from $1.09 per month. However, Skype charges connection fee for the service. The cheap rate applies even while calling over Wi-Fi and 3G. It supports free instant messaging to multiple contacts at the same time.

The built-in features allow users to locate friends and add them to their Skype contact list. You can import your contact list stored in your smartphone to Skype. It enables call forwarding, through which you can forward your calls to any phone when you are offline. It even supports voicemail. Skype works only on Android devices running on Android 2.1 or higher operating systems.

Tango Voice & Video Calls for Android

Tango is another free voice and video calling app in the Android Market. However, video calls could be made only between Tango users who have installed the app in their Android or Apple devices. After downloading the app in your smartphone, you must create an account. Tango accounts could be created without creating a new user profile. This app works on Android devices running on Android 2.1 and higher platforms. The video calls through Tango are made without consuming the minutes of your calling plan.

However, you must pay for data consumption. This app is best suited for users who have purchased an unlimited data plan. On average, a 450-minute video call made over 3G network consumes 2GB data. You can even make free calls in Wi-Fi zones through Tango. The Tango Contacts list displays the names of your contacts that have the app installed in their Android phone, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. By tapping on the name of the contact, you can start the video call. To ease communication, you can start with a voice call, and then switch to video call.

Tru App for Android

Earlier known as Truphone, Tru App for Android allows Android smartphone users to make free and cheap calls worldwide. You can talk to Tru App, GTalk and Skype users without using the minutes of your calling plan. Tru App charges a nominal fee for calling other landline and mobile phones. The call rate is usually around 2.1c per minute. New users can enjoy 50c free credit. To avoid high roaming charges, you can purchase a Tru number, with which you can make free calls over Wi-Fi from any part of the world.

To enjoy unlimited calls at a lower rate, Tru App users can subscribe a calling plan for $12.95 per month. Tru App supports free voicemail and instant messaging through GTalk, Skype, MSN and AIM. However, you have to pay 4.8c as connection fee for each call. Tru App works on Android phone running on Android 1.5 and higher versions of the operating system.

Nimbuzz for Android

Nimbuzz is a popular app in the Android Market. It supports free calls and free messaging. This smartphone app is compatible with phones working on all platforms. You can call any mobile or landline phone through this free software from any location at any time. Prices of international calls start from 2c per minutes. By buying NimbuzzOut credit, you can save up to 95 per cent of your phone bill for making international calls.

Users can enjoy HD quality audio while calling contacts over Wi-Fi or 3G network. Nimbuzz users can even send free text messaging (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS) through the app. Your contact lists in Facebook, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, MySpace and other networks could be imported to your Nimbuzz account.

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