How To Get Your Clients to Do The Selling For You

As spiritual entrepreneurs, it’s pretty much a given that we hate being sales-y, hard selling, used car salesmen and any kind of high-pressure selling situations. And yet, we have to sell our services and make money if we want to make an impact. What to do?

If you’ve ever struggled with that dilemma, let me introduce you to the most effective, authentic, non-pushy, unpaid sales force you could ever wish for: your clients.

What your clients say about you to others will always be more impactful with new peeps than anything you could say on your own. Why? Because they are proof positive of what you do! (Others reinforcing your claims through things like testimonials are known as social proof, a proven element of ethical persuasion.)

While you’ll still need to get on the phone with a potential client and “seal the deal” with a value-rich conversation, taking these 3 steps consistently will result in more potential clients who are already pre-sold on working with you.

1. Help ‘em get great results. We all want to help clients get great results because it’s what we truly want for them. It’s also just good business. When your clients get great results, chances are they’ll come back for more. They’ll also sing your praises from the rooftops, talk about you to their friends and send peeps your way. (Otherwise known as “I have a possible client for you…”)

Helping your clients get results doesn’t have to mean a lot of extra work for you – remember, you are not doing the work. One strategy: create a signature system that, when followed, inevitably leads them to what they want.

2. Collect testimonials religiously and share them with everyone. When your clients get great results, they will be happy to share the love in the form of a compelling success story… but it’s up to YOU to get them. And that means being prepared for every opportunity and making collecting them a habit.

The first step is to get into the habit of asking. When a client sends you an email raving about you, simply ask, “I’d love to feature you in my marketing because I know my peeps will find your story inspiring. Would you be willing to share your story?” Offer to draft a case study. Provide them with questions to give you some raw material that you can shape into a “before and after” testimonial for their approval.

Remember, your clients WANT to help you! But don’t make them figure it out or work hard for you. Be at the ready with systems to turn their kudos into compelling case studies that attract more clients just like them. Then post them everywhere: on your website, blog, in your ezine, etc.

3. Appreciate ‘em. Your clients long for acknowledgement and love to be appreciated. Show your clients that you care with things like thank-you cards, special savings on your classes and programs, and client appreciation events (like a special teleseminar).

What’s the best way to show your clients that you appreciate their referrals? A thank-you in the form of… money! And you don’t need a formal affiliate program to keep track of things. Simply ask your new clients, “Who may I thank for your referral?” And do it – with a check.

You don’t need to “convince” a potential client who is ready to say yes! By nurturing your current clients via these 3 tips, they’ll feel great about referring you to their friends. Which means you’ll naturally start to experience more people coming to you who already know how you can help them – no convincing required.

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