How to increase your blog’s readership

Every one wants to increase the readership of their blogs. Here are 10 ways you can use to do just that:

1. Create timely content that will keep people’s attention. Also, you want to update your blog’s content on a regular basis. Remember, blogs are not static web pages, so update your content at minimum twice a week. You’ll also want to include keywords in your content to perk up the search engines attention.

2. Join blogging communities and speak with other bloggers. Find out what is working for them and heed their advice.

3. Publish your RSS/Atom/XML feed. Both Blogger and WordPress make this step simple.

4. You want to take your time when choosing the titles for your content and your articles. Step out of your box and consider what your potential readers may be looking for. Incorporate your keywords into your title and use a search reporter to find what people are searching for.

5. Comment on other people’s blogs. Blogging platforms give you the ability to link back to your blog. Who knows? Your comment may interest a reader or the blog’s owner and if so, it’s quite possible they’ll visit your blog.

6. Include your blog address in your email and forum signature. By taking the time to do this, you’ll be setting up some easy advertising for yourself.

7. Google “blog directories” and begin listing your blog with them.

8. Submit your articles to article directories. These directories allow you to place a link back to your blog in your article’s byline.

9. Use a ping service to serve reminders to your readers that you’ve updated your blog.

10. Create a blogroll you enjoy. This can open the door to your blog getting linked to by other bloggers. Make sure your interest in other people’s blogs is genuine, to just link to others to just be doing so isn’t very cool.

Remember that building a readership takes time and won’t happen overnight. This is precisely why blogging is a give and take relationship. Take your time, make some friends and be genuine when commenting on other blogs and your blog will grow naturally on its own. But the most important aspect to keep in mind is to have fun.

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