Your website can be marketed for little to no money. That?s right.
There is no need to spend tons of money marketing your website.
Get the word out about your website without going broke and with
little effort.

When you are trying to promote your website, you should commit to
the rule of three before you deem the method is not viable. Take
the time to review the results and evaluate them by the leads and
customers that each method creates. Once you see the results you
can make up your mind whether or not you want to use the method

Search engine keyword optimization is a great, easy way to market
your website. Search engines will pick up on the keywords and your
site will come up in searches, leading prospective clients to your
site. In order to use keywords you will need to locate the words
that describe your product or service. Then you will need to place
it strategically throughout your site. Generally four or five
mentions of the keyword is a good way to go.

You should also have your site submitted to different search
engines. There are services that will do this for you. or Site-See will submit your site for you. The
fees for submission will range and increase according to how many
submissions you want made.

Be sure to check search engines periodically to see how your site
ranks. You can get a Google ranker on your home page and every
time you go to your website you will be able to find out what the
page rank for your site is. The ranker goes from 1-10.

Trying to outsmart the search engines is not a good idea. If you
overload keywords you will end up getting your site getting label
as spam. Do not repeat words over and over again just to get the
ranking of your site increased. That will backfire on you and your
site can get banned. Other things you should not do include
inserting meta tags that are unrelated to page content. The usage
of words that are not legal because of their color or size is also
a no-no. Just play by the rules and build up interest in your site
the legal and right way.

Take the time to join some online communities. Networking with
people online is a great way to get your website noticed. After
chatting with them it is easy to add in the fact that you have a
website that you would like them to visit. Be patient with your
site. An increase in page rankings will not occur over night. You
will have to give your site some time to grow and more people to
reach it. The sooner you start promoting it the sooner it will
climb in the rankings. Once customers know that you are out there
they will be sure to return if you offer good services. Stay on
top of your internet marketing and promotion.


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