You’ve gotten your laptop, but you know that you are not ready for college. You are right, there are a few gadgets and accessories that you might want to pick up before packing off to college. And you’ll want to do it now, because once you get to college, you will find that you have no money.
First, you might want to consider a wireless mouse. If you are one who always loses things, a wireless mouse may not be a good idea. However, many find the laptop finger pad hard to maneuver. Also, with a wireless mouse, you have to sit up at a laptop table  or desk instead of slouching on a bed or couch.
A printer is a must have for every college student. You will find some professors who may accept an assignment via email, but most expect a printed copy. Shared printers get abused by students and are often not working right when you need them. If they are working, they will charge you a pretty penny. Printers with a scanner built in gives you lots of versatility and an added edge.
Every student knows that they need a backpack for school, but getting one that doubles as a laptop case  is a good idea. These will have a hard case inside that is meant to protect your laptop. It is also better than the average laptop bag because no one will suspect that it is holding a laptop. Thus, your laptop will be less likely to be stolen.
A laptop cooling pad is an item that should be considered a must have by all, but is not. Laptop fans are small and often inefficient. If your laptop gets too hot, it can burn out the circuitry. This is not ideal. A blue screen will pop up signifying that your laptop is fried, along with the midterm paper you hadn’t gotten around to backing up. A laptop cooling pad will whisk the heat away from your laptop so it doesn’t get a chance to overheat.
An external hard drive is a good idea. Even a thumb drive will give you added security. Save a copy of everything to your external hard drive. Then, if you have technical difficulty, or, God forbid, are robbed, you will still have a backup. If you have a small laptop, keeping larger files off of the laptop’s disk drive will also speed up the laptops performance.
A USB hub is not necessarily a must have, but it is something that you will be thankful for. You likely will have a lot of things to plug into your USB ports, probably more than the number of USB ports available. USB hubs will multiply the amount of available ports, as well as making them more accessible.
Having the basics and maybe a few extras will not get you on the honor roll. However, it will give you less hurdles to jump over. Technology helps us by allowing us to focus our attention on what is important. Do not let your technology distract you. Instead, use it as a tool to focus on your goals.
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