In 2005, the company MiST Land, known for the “History of Wars”, “Access Code: PARADISE” and “Alpha”, announced a strategic game Warfare. It was planned that this would be a deep, very serious and complex work about the war in the Middle East. But ruthless time ordered otherwise. The aforementioned MiST Land was somehow imperceptibly absorbed by GFI, and the grandiose intention of “the most ambitious strategy” faced a harsh reality. In the form of lack of money and time. Most ideas had to be abandoned. So, money was gone in the fly, the Arab campaign, planning before missions and much more disappeared.
Despite the fact that in its current form Warfare does not differ from the complexity of the concept of gameplay from its direct competitors in the form of Joint Task Force, C & C: Generals and World in Conflict, it is still a very interesting and unusual strategy, which will cope with is given far not to everyone . If only because the military actions are realistic. There is no arcade unthinking increase in firepower and a subsequent click on the enemy’s base. There is no hurricane dynamics, inherent, say, Dawn of War.
Quite the contrary, Warfare suggests first to think, and then to perform the action. Moreover, tactical planning will take much longer than, in fact, shooting and explosions. A small (ha, a dozen missions), at first glance, a campaign, can take a very long time. And all because Warfare is not of a childish complexity and each task requires careful planning and surgically accurate maneuvers. As in a good turn-based strategy, every step here plays a role.


Do not look for the usual resources. They are not here. Your gold is your soldiers and equipment. They killed the enemy, destroyed a couple of tanks – you will receive a reward in the form of team glasses. On the contrary, they lost fighters – do not wait for anything other than selecting the treasured units. Importance of them is difficult to overestimate. After all, why buy new equipment and soldiers! The number of units is strictly limited, moreover, in one unit there can not be many soldiers (or combat vehicles) of the same type. In this regard, we constantly have to think about what to spend the precious currency. After all, it’s not a fact that a tank is always better than a marine.
And you have to think about such things. The enemy already from the very first mission makes it clear that he has at his disposal a huge army that exceeds yours several dozen times. There is no question of any confrontation “in the forehead” here. It’s like a knife against a Kalashnikov assault rifle. It is necessary to think. For example, when fighting in cities, take into account the fact that tanks feel uncomfortable among narrow streets. It’s hard for them to turn around, move around. In this regard, ordinary soldiers are able to destroy them without any problems with the help of grenades or rocket launchers. And in the open area, in the desert, in no case should you leave infantry platoons without cover. Also it is necessary to remember about smoke curtains. Which for the first time in the genre play such a significant role that without them to pass Warfare is not possible. Yes, the war is severe and merciless towards newcomers. But in time you will learn and will enjoy every local victory.
In Warfare you need to play slowly, thoughtfully, forgetting about tank rush’ah and other classic RTS-receptions. You simply can not afford it under the harsh conditions of an unequal battle. After all, every lost fighter is a disaster. What can we say about the technique. Each step should be analyzed, you must understand that at this particular moment will give a call to aircraft, how to destroy a tank with the forces of several infantrymen (which, believe me, is possible), and so on.
Such nuances leave their imprint on the spectacle of the game. This is practically absent here. You are increasingly required to retreat, adhering to the tactics of the “evil little dog” (“bitten – ran away”). However, the loss is not great. A magnificent video series Warfare can not boast, and those explosions that are, can not compete with the extravaganza World in Conflict or even the Company of Heroes. Yes, the technology models are neat, detailed so that you can understand what’s in front of you (Hummer or “Abrams”), and the soldiers are quite believable. However, the camera does not allow to close the perspective too closely. Speeches about the diversity of landscapes, too, does not go. The action takes place in the desert. And a point. In addition to it and the corresponding settlements in Warfare, you will not see anything. Not a bad thing. We will be satisfied with the sparing system requirements, which allow launching the game on the PC of the year before last.
An important role in the perception of the game is given to the topic itself. The action takes place in Saudi Arabia. The generals of the local king rebelled and took over the command of the majority of the state’s troops. The ruler is in danger, he is threatened with death. The country is famous for colossal oil reserves. Therefore, it is not surprising that valiant Americans rush to the aid of the monarch with their democracy. As they say, for the rage of the day. Without irony over the superpower in Warfare has not been. Curiously, the Arab characters speak here with a strong Caucasian accent. Sometimes the actors clearly overplay, and the war begins to resemble a farce. The plot, by the way, is served by the means of a local blog. From here we also learn about our successes and future tasks.
The plus of the game is that the developers have managed to recreate the believable atmosphere of the conflict. You do not just perform tasks, as in most strategies, you feel yourself directly involved in a war that could really happen, you believe in the reality of what is happening. It is important.
But, in general, Warfare, of course, is trying to be and seem too complicated. Realistic physics and parameters of technology sometimes prevent to enjoy the game. When the chassis is broken from one explosion at the tank, you do not think about how cool and true it is. You swear everything in the world, because “thanks” to this meticulousness failed the mission for the seventh time. Yes, tactical planning is definitely a good idea. But not when it takes 90% of the time. Not everyone will stand, patience is not enough. Therefore, count on the millionth sale and popularity of Warfare clearly does not have to. On the other hand, the GFI product apparently did not have this task. But his fans will certainly find Warfare. A strong strategy is not for everyone.


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