About Feedly

Feedly is an attractive and easy to use service mainly for two kinds of people such as the people who were using Google Reader and the people who have never known about it. It is a news aggregating application available for lots of mobile devices that run on iOS and Android and other web browsers. The Feedly is also used as cloud based service. It collects news feeds from various online sources for the client to make it special and share them with others. Feedly was made public in 2008 by DevHD.

Features of Feedly

Feedly is a open RSS news feed which helps you to be up to date on blog posts, news and many other things which is on your subscription list. You can also use podcasts and YouTube for added ease. This RSS reader for your tablet or Smartphone saves settings and articles in all the platforms. Thus, you can see all your news feds in any device and need not subscribe everything once again. It is also likely to share your favorite news in the social Medias like Twitter and Faceboook. It is user friendly and very convenient specifically to the new comers in the RSS news feeds.

It also recommends any new RSS subscription which you might like and is based on your recent views. It helps you to find any new sites and blog which you may not know. Thus, you can share all these and make you social media friendly and very interactive. Those who used the Google Reader will feel that this app uses a smooth user interface and a lot of features which you find useful. Some people say that the layout looks much clustered but simply personalizing what you display in Feedly will change the issue.

Free apps- Feedly

He Freedly is a RSS news reader which has been re-imagined for android tablets and phones. This makes way for faster browsing. The Feedly user interface is designed for a 10 and 7 inch tablet and a 4 inch phone. When you read the Feedly on a tablet you will get the experience of reading a personalized magazine. It helps you to keep track of and read your desired blogs. There is a different configuration sync found while you read in a tablet and phone. It also helps you to sync with the Google Reader by two ways. One is articles which you read are marked as read automatically and the other is the articles which you save to read later are starred in the Google Reader automatically. The feeds which you add in the Feedly also gets added up in Google Reader. Sharing content on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook with the free apps Feedly is very simple.

The current version of the Freedly 16.0.522 and is updated with Freedly cloud and has a one click migration to the Freedly cloud from Google Reader. The size is 6.9M and was updated on July 2, 2013. It requires Android Froyo and above.


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