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thursday nights 8pm


Airing Thursday, September 3 at 8pm

Starring Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick
Beautiful, brilliant and financially secure, Emily Stoll (Kyra Sedgwick) never wanted a husband or a house with a picket fence. She knew she needed just one thing to make her truly happy: A child with whom she could share life’s wonders. When an anonymous sexual encounter results in the birth of her son, Paul (Dominic Scott Kay), she is astonished to find that he is even more precious to her than she had imagined. Creative and iconoclastic, Emily has no interest in polite social interaction. Her single overriding passion is to help her precocious child, her “Loverboy,” reach his fullest potential and to protect him from what she sees as the stifling conformity purveyed by mediocre teachers and ordinary playmates. But when Paul reaches school age and his natural curiosity begins to draw him to the outside world, Emily knows she has to act quickly to hold on to the love of her life. (Presented in HD)

saturday nights at 8pm

The Commitments

Airing Saturday, September 5 at 8pm

Starring Robert Arkins
Fueled by raw talent and driven by dreams of glory, a dozen dead-enders from Dublin’s gritty North side share a passion for soul music that takes their band on a wild roller-coaster ride from the streets to the stage…to superstardom!

Picture Perfect

Airing Saturday, September 19 at 8pm

Adorable as she is ambitious, Kate (Jennifer Aniston) is determined to turn her mid-level advertising job into an executive position – and equally determined to tries snare Sam (Kevin Bacon), the agency’s ultra-suave Romeo who prefers illicit affairs with attached women. She achieves both goals by pretending getting married to Nick, a man she met at a wedding and barely knows. But her carefully constructed fictional life comes face to face with reality when her boss wants to meet Nick, sending Kate’s personal and professional worlds spinning out of control.

Wing Commander

Airing Saturday, September 26 at 8pm

A vicious alien race, the Kilrathi, has discover the coordinates to Earth and is heading our way with plans of the total destruction. Now it\’s up to two young hotshot fighter pilots to blast their way through the Kilrathi\’s defenses and save their planet from this new breed of enemy. (Presented in HD)

Sweepers – Aug 27 at 8pm

Dolph Lundgren stars in this non-stop, action-packed thriller! When Christian Erickson (Lundgren) is sent on a mission to clear land mines from rural villages, a terrorist attack occurs at the home of a US senator. He must then uncover a plan to ship a trainload of the mines to the US and fight through diamond mines and tortuous jungle until he finally uncovers the real and most unsuspected villain behind the deadly scheme.

The Newtson Boys – Aug 28 at 8pm

It seems the only way “The Newton Boys” can make good is by goin’ bad! Faster than you can say “nitroglycerin,” they’ve knocked over more than 80 banks from Texas to Canada. Now their sights are set on a multimillion-dollar Federal Reserve train robbery, but the Feds are about to turn up the heat!

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