The way technology is used in has changed in the last 3 decades. Technology such as cell phones, e-mail, the internet, webinars and video conferencing are used by millions. Today I would like to focus on how new technologies have made a new way to market your MLM or traditional business online. With this in mind, grab a pen and take some notes because this information will change your MLM or traditional business forever.

Do you recognize the name Youtube? Who hasn’t! This website is the 2nd utmost ranked site in the world behind the internet giant google. And we all know that Google is the owner of YouTube. What’s so defined about YouTube? Well, imagine auditioning yourself to millions of humans around the world. For what purpose? Let’s say that you have a marked ability or work that you can offer to thousands or if not millions of citizens who are searching for that particular service. You could be a major hit literally in weeks! I’ve seen it accomplished over and over. You can attract fresh clients by having enlightenment that they need! Leave a link back to your site, which could produce other sales for your partnership! And it’s all chargeless! Take under consideration about all the paid adverstising on Televsion….You have the talent to do something to introduce your own channel and have subscribers to your channel. The service is free! Go sign up immediately! (Well, after you go through this article, then sign up)

Let’s move on to Social Media! Now this is gigantic. There are alot of popular media sites out there and the biggest to my knowing is facebook. Myspace was once ruler of social media but now they’re the queen of social media. (no offense, love myspace) There are over 250,000,000 subscribers to facebook alone. That is alot of potential customers. You can form firm relationships and an out of sight following. If you can get persons to follow you, than you can interest more relationships. The more people know about you, the more they will want to do company with you.

Ever heard of the word Blog? This name is so broad that I will break it down it for you. A blog is an online journal or dairy of one’s personal conviction. Take note that there is a blog on any case you can possibly think of! I have a blog about MLM enterprise strategies, and in a short time to start one on marriage tips. (I’m a newly wed and father too!) Blogs are typically composed and updated at regular intervals by one person. Readers love blogs and bloggers care for readers because it’s brand-new content about one’s personal experiences. Once people know that your honest and legit, they will buy into you as a person. And if you have something to present them of excellence,such as an Ebook, etc… they will reach into their pocket book and buy from you. People will buy into the messenger before they buy into the message!

The closing game plan I will speak about is article publication. People are regularly searching for new information. Just like blogs, there is an article on just about anything you can possibly think of. This particular strategy will allow you to be branded as an expert in your field that you are writing about. By writing articles, you can initiate multiple backlinks to your page which allows google to see you and rank you higher in the search engines. Another excellence of article writing is more traffic to your website, which leads to more sales for your company! It’s a win win deal!

These are just a few strategies that can be used for your MLM establishment. Did I reveal that all of these marketing concepts are free! Yes, you read accurately, they’re all free! So why not take advantage of it. This is the new way to market. If you are not marketing your establishment online, then it’s time to make that change. Get your chunk of the pie! You may be thinking that marketing online is saturated. Tune in closely my friend, marketing online will not in any way saturate! Why? Because 97% of the people that go through this won’t put in the effort to get this done. I’m not trying to be cynical, but I’m giving you statistic facts! I’ve seen the results peoples’ financial statement change dramatically over the run of 3 to 6 months! They are not any better than you! So get started at this moment in promoting your business with these techniques. You’ll be glad you did!

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