I was born in 22nd Dec 1981 in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia. Where is Kota Bharu? The picture is one of the beautiful places in Kota Bharu where we called Perhentian Island. Yes, this is the place where I live and my hometown is surrounded by beautiful islands.

Since 1960, my family owned a small kuih teow(a type of noodle which is made by rice) factory. This factory was started by my grandfather. So, until now we are the third generation in this family business.

Our family business made us a lot of profit. However, it took so much time everyday to work. As we have morning market and night market here, our factory has to start manufacturing kuih teow at 2:00am. At 4:00am, we have to deliver the kuih teow to the markets, restaurants and food stalls. The amount is about 3000-4000kg. It took 6 hours to complete the job, but, this is the morning part. From 11:00am until 3:00pm, we have to go to collect the payments from customers. 3:00pm-4:00pm is our rest time. 4:00pm-6:00pm, we have to deliver the kuih teow to the evening market, restaurants and food stalls again. Can you imagine that? 365 days non stop working from 2:00am until 6:00pm. To be honest, I hate this kind of lifestyle since I was a child.

Therefore, I decided to start a new life in Japan when I was 19 years old. At first, I studied Japanese language in a Japanese institute one and a half years. After that, I continued my study in Yamagata University until I finished my Master degree. At that time, I had a dream. It was to join a world-famous Japanese company. As expected, my dream came true, I succeeded to join Mitsubishi Chemical Group and worked as a research engineer in R&D department. Working in a top level big company, having a very good monthly income and bonus, I suppose this condition satisfy my desire. However, it didn’t fulfill my desire at all. Why?

The reason is…

I just hate to work like a robot.

Everyday, I woke up at 7:00am. As my company is far from my house, I had to take a train. The rush hour in Japan is really terrible. This made me suffer a lot. As I was working as a research engineer, I had to do my research everyday, including fabrication and measurement. Every process took many hours to be completed. That’s why I had to work until at night everyday. Sometimes, I still had to go to work during weekend due to the deadline of projects. To be honest again, I also hate this kind of lifestyle. It took 2 years for me to realize that I was not suitable to be a research engineer.

11th Mar 2011, Japan was struck by the shock waves of a 9.0 magnitude undersea earthquake and the world biggest tsunami at the same time. Few days later, Japan’s worst radiation leakage accident happened in Fukushima. For this reason, my parents were so worried about me and asked me to quit my job and return to Malaysia immediately. And I did so. Actually, I didn’t feel upset at all because I was thinking this moment might be a new chance for me to reconsider my career and start my third new life.

After returned to my hometown, the first thing I did was using Google to search how to start home business or online business. This had led me to become a forex trader. Besides forex trading, I also worked as a Japanese teacher in my hometown. The address below is the website of my Japanese class.

In the first month, I had earned my first USD3,000 by forex trading. I was extremely happy because it was so easy and so fast to earn money by forex trading. My luckiness had continued up to 1 year. I had earned about USD30,000 in my first year. At that time, I did believe I can make more money by forex trading until I earn up to USD1,000,000. However, I was totally wrong. Second year, due to a sudden drop of the currency pair I chose, I lost all of my money in one day. I was so confused why I lost. I had made my own research in forex trading in the first year to find out the technique about how can I always win in forex trading, but I lost. I just didn’t want to give up so I kept trying. Unfortunately, I lost all my saving money about USD20,000. I was totally depressed. Finally, I realized that I am not suitable for forex trading and I stopped trading.

Then, I started googling again. I searched a lot of keywords. Online business, home business, data entry, survey online, etc. Eventually, I came up with AFILIATE MARKETING. I found plenty of affiliate websites even in Japanese or in English. Affiliate program is also very popular in Japan. I read a lot of articles in Japanese websites about “How to Earn 1,000,000 yen Every Month by Affiliate”. Unfortunately, the content was not in detail. They only mentioned how much they earn every month, how easy to earn money by affiliate, how good is affiliate, but they didn’t mention the know-how of affiliate marketing. What I did learn from their websites was just create either a website or a blog, then create the content, attach some affiliate links and banners, then your website/blog will be able to earn money automatically. So, I started to create my website and put some banners on it. The address below is the website I created few years ago. It is a very low quality website.

The graph above shows the sales(yen) and number of readers who visited to my website in Jan 2015. You can see that I almost earned nothing and very few readers visited my website. I was very upset. I kept thinking “how to start affiliate marketing for free”, “how to create a high quality content website”, how can I attract visitors to my website”, “how to make my affiliate program successful”, ” how to earn USD10,000 every month by affiliate” and so on. I was almost desperate because I could not find the solution to overcome my problems.

At this moment, I found Wealthy Affiliate. Of course, I only half believed after so much I experienced before joining Wealthy Affiliate. Well, I tried again. The picture below is the page where you can create a free account of Wealthy Affiliate.

3 days later, I decided to become a PREMIUM MEMBER of Wealthy Affiliate. You must be curious what had changed my mind. The answer is the content of the lessons for Starter Membership.

The lessons are awesome. All the answers of my questions, “How to Start Affiliate Marketing”, “How to Make Affiliate Program Works”, “How to Make Money Online”, “How to Choose a Niche”, “How to Create a Website”, “How to Get Ranking in Search Engines”, “How to Earn Money from Your Traffic”, etc. are noted in very detail.

About the content of the lessons, it isn’t difficult to understand. As you know from my profile, I was educated in Japan and I almost didn’t write or speak in English because most of the Japanese doesn’t understand English. What I want to say is, even I can understand the lessons means that you also can understand the lessons.

Furthermore,there are a lot of Wealthy Affiliate experts here and they always give me a lot of good advice and suggestion. Joining Wealthy Affiliate made me feel like I am back to university again as I really made many friends here. Although we don’t meet each other, we make discussion, encourage one another and build each other up, read each other profile and blogs to absorb different experience.

Finally, I just want to say thank you to Kyle & Carson for giving me this opportunity to join Wealthy Affiliate. And also would like to thanks all my friends in Wealthy Affiliate for giving me a lot of support, encouragement and advice.

To those who have read my story, if you are interested in how we earn money in Wealthy Affiliate, please feel free to contact me or you can just simply click here & join us. I will be pleased to help you and I promise I will try my best.


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